Friday, January 2, 2009

Web Store Development - RockBand Store, Boston Celtics, Interscope Records, Chicago Bulls, Warner Brothers Records

Big ol' batch of new projects

Rockband - We landed the Rockband account, but now the hard part, to design an ecommerce site reflective of this amazing new game that is too much damn fun. Luckily Rockband had created a definitive vibe around the gaming platform so it made it a bit less daunting of a puzzle to put together. The marketing concept I focused on was to make the online shopper want to feel as if they were approaching the store as if they were already a rockstar. To really make the initial designs cook, I cam up with rollovers and user experience movements that rewarded the shopper with immediacy in their move of the mouse. What was once black and white would turn to color, varieties of rollovers to make the interactions feel as if they were a game themselves. At the end of the day Harmonix and MTV were happy and they sold a lot of merch on the site so it was a job well done.
Boston Celtics - The Celtics were on fire during the season and it was a few months before the playoffs and they decide to launch a new ecommerce portal. The project was put into extra high gear and I had to create an entire front end user interface and site look and feel within two weeks. I stepped up to the challenge and made them proud with a simple tonal navigation allowing their shamrock green to shimmer instead of making the site feel as if you were in the park or you backyard. By using a much simpler approach in the color and navigation along with a clean design, the Celtics and Delivery Agent finally had their first ecommerce site reach the million dollar month sales mark after its launch.
Interscope Records - After Interscope Records saw what Delivery Agent had accomplished with, they wanted to know what could be done to bolster their online sales. My challenge was to create an online portal that was as simple as your neighborhood shopping mall. They wanted each store to have the vibe of each artist but to also allow the user to click over to another store just as easily. I designed a landing page in which sales and marketing strategies could thrive and then help to steer customers towards their favorite artists to shop their merchandise. Was quite interesting developing the site for the PussyCat Dolls, I found myself watching all their videos just to get into the mindset to work on their aesthetic, ok ok, gorgeous women made it much easier to figure out as well, haha! Another note on this project is that we also launched SouljaBoy Tellem's online store and for a then unknown artist, we did over $100k in first month sales.
Chicago Bulls - After several basketball ecommerce sites were designed another team stepped on the court and wanted our help as well. We were able to reinvigorate the Bulls online store presence and give them the tools needed to help bolster their online merchandise sales.
Warner Brothers Records - The fiftieth year in business was approaching for Warner Bros. Records and they wanted a big push to sell their back catalog with repackaging along with building a better online store. They chose Delivery Agent for their merchandise fulfillment provider and I was able to help redefine their ecommerce presence. The new site they created already for the Warner Bros label was in effect and I had to take elements from its user interface and develop the branding into a ecommerce solution. By creating a online mall platform fans are able to peruse their entire catalog with just a few clicks.

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