Friday, January 2, 2009

Logo Development

Here is the latest batch of logo and identity development and a quick running list of each entity:
Delivery Agent - Logo created for a rebrand initiative, they chose another logo that was much more simplistic and to be honest, quite ugly, personal opinion of course.
HipHop Wall St - A guy by the name of Mike and I met randomly and he approached me with his idea of everyone understanding their personal net worth. He is a man with big ideas and a heart of gold.
Rusty Knuckles - Hey, whaddya know, talked about that brand earlier on another post, but the main logo that is trademarked was developed to create a very easy going yet disitinctive look, easy to brand amongst its varying clientele and fan base.
Jotmot - One rendition of multiple ideas for a start up company that may get funding some day soon.
Hellbound Glory - An identity put together for an outlaw country band based out of Reno, NV.
Mid-Town Petroleum - Company out of Chicago based in the petroleum industry that creating a proprietary product.
Practical Industries -
The logo is based upon what they do best, the build the brains or the integrated circuit boards for which the content can be embedded to launch their platforms
VIEW - An interactive entertainment company that operates arcade games, pool tables and vending machines which eventually started making their own digital jukebox system. The logo is based upon the coins that drop into each machine they vend upon.
NBC Universal - For a late in the day project I was asked to create a "quick" logo for an auction website which sold products that were in NBC Universal created tv shows and movies. The auctions ran the gamut from set props to clothing.
Levi Strauss - I was aked to develop a logo series for a kid's line of apparel in which they were all simplistic logos bearing the Levi's name. The only caveat was that they had to fun and exciting for kids. I thought the idea of a heart with a kids face using the Levi's name was quite clever.

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