Sunday, December 27, 2009

Triangle Auto & Cycle Repair - Logo

Have a look at the new logo we cooked up for our pal over at Triangle Auto & Cycle Repair. Great mechanic and solid dude.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rusty Knuckles - Webstore

Our newest project was to help develop the user experience and site architecture for the clothing brand Rusty Knuckles. Due to the fact the company actually develops clothing for quite a few bands along with an in-house brand, the challenge was in creating a portal site that reflected the overall hierarchy of the business. The site was built with potential growth as its main focus and allows the design to be flexible and to easily update the graphics to match any new marketing intiatives.

Shop Rusty Knuckles

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ecast Network - On Screen Ad Campaigns

On screen ad campaigns for the Ecast Network digital jukebox. These are a select few screenshots from different campaigns that would appear on the network as customers intereacted with ads placed within the user interface while selecting music.

Ecast Network - Marketing Collateral

Once a year the marketing department of the Ecast Network needed to be create a brochure that would show highlights and accolades of the products and services being offered. My challenge was to design within a tight budget while also creating a compelling story pertaining to the growth and expansion of the network. The final brochure was 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches with a fold out for the display of the digital jukeboxes.

Another challenge with the marketing collateral was to sell the entertainment value of the digital jukebox network. At the end of the day Ecast Network was simply a hardware manufacturer that licensed music through digital rights. Each piece of collateral and the interactive touch screens needed to be developed with a sense of style and purpose. Equally though each had to be its own entity as we were ultimately competing with the artists we represented on the music and entertainment platform through visibility.

Practical Industries - Identity and Web Development

Practical Industries is a start up computer hardware manufacturer. I was contracted to develop their identity, initial website and marketing collateral. The logo is based upon what they do best, the build the brains or the integrated circuit boards for which the content can be embedded to launch their platforms.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Logo Development

Here is the latest batch of logo and identity development and a quick running list of each entity:
Delivery Agent - Logo created for a rebrand initiative, they chose another logo that was much more simplistic and to be honest, quite ugly, personal opinion of course.
HipHop Wall St - A guy by the name of Mike and I met randomly and he approached me with his idea of everyone understanding their personal net worth. He is a man with big ideas and a heart of gold.
Rusty Knuckles - Hey, whaddya know, talked about that brand earlier on another post, but the main logo that is trademarked was developed to create a very easy going yet disitinctive look, easy to brand amongst its varying clientele and fan base.
Jotmot - One rendition of multiple ideas for a start up company that may get funding some day soon.
Hellbound Glory - An identity put together for an outlaw country band based out of Reno, NV.
Mid-Town Petroleum - Company out of Chicago based in the petroleum industry that creating a proprietary product.
Practical Industries -
The logo is based upon what they do best, the build the brains or the integrated circuit boards for which the content can be embedded to launch their platforms
VIEW - An interactive entertainment company that operates arcade games, pool tables and vending machines which eventually started making their own digital jukebox system. The logo is based upon the coins that drop into each machine they vend upon.
NBC Universal - For a late in the day project I was asked to create a "quick" logo for an auction website which sold products that were in NBC Universal created tv shows and movies. The auctions ran the gamut from set props to clothing.
Levi Strauss - I was aked to develop a logo series for a kid's line of apparel in which they were all simplistic logos bearing the Levi's name. The only caveat was that they had to fun and exciting for kids. I thought the idea of a heart with a kids face using the Levi's name was quite clever.

Gearhead Records website development

Brand new website created by stalwart punk n' roll record label Gearhead Records. The site design and implementation is based upon the theme of being able to update any marketing strategy easily while also not overshadowing the artists aligned with the label. Within the design there are pages created for individual artists and for a large ecommerce section in which fans can download music, buy band related merchandise and interact with their favorite artist.

User Experience, quarterly newsletter

For each business quarter the user experience director at Delivery Agent wanted to present his work as a pdf magazine for all other directors to take home with them to digest. He asked me to create something hi-tech and fun to show off the facts and figures from the companies quarterly successes. It was a fun project as it was different and not client based so it allowed for new ideas and concepts.

Clandestine Industries Webstore

While working through Delivery Agent I was able to work on a slew of music based projects. This particual site was in conjunction with and is the fashion label created by Pete Wentz of the rock band Fall Out Boy. Pete had an idea for what the ecommerce store was to look like and they conveyed that to me. The idea was to make it very simplistic in all black, white and a splash of red here and there and to let the clothing be the prominent factor. The site came out great and the client was pleased and they are doing several million dollars a year in business with the Clandestine Industries product line. Webstore design

One of my big clients through Delivery Agent was artist themed apparel provider I was asked to create a main portal ecommerce site for Bandmerch that would grow from 40 stores to several hundred. It was a daunting task and I knew that everything would have to be templatized in order to create an efficient work flow. For each band page the designs would need to be swapped in out and easily and allow for growth. I was able to create an efficient design that allowed for diversity and each artist to be branded with their current album or marketing related designs. Some of the artists I was able to design ecommerce stores for were Linkin Park, Steve Vai, Sheryl Crow, Rise Against, Mudvayne, Hellyeah, Eagles of Death Metal, Alanis Morrissette, Anthrax, Atreyu, Diana Ross, Five Finger Death Punch, Good Charlotte, Prince, Rihanna, Kat Von Dee, Jeffree Star, Clandestine Industries - Pete Wentz and Myspace.

A major highlight for me personally was the launch of the Steve Vai store. I designed a quick one page site to get the new products live before a big album launch and within 24 hours the site had done over $50k in sales. I would like to think the user interface enabled it all to happen so smoothly.

Flash Merchandise Widgets - Linkin Park, Kat Von D, Jeffree Star, Atreyu

These are a series of flash enabled widgets placed into Myspace pages with links to merchandise sold on artist's pages within For each flash widget I would create the designs and them implement them within the flash code given to my by the development team.